A few days ago I was watching one of those TV panel shows and the subject of haikus came up. They’re short poems made up of just seventeen syllables, five in the first line, seven in the second and five again in the third.

I hadn’t thought about this Japanese poetic form since school but I was soon wondering what would happen if I put some of my tics together to make haikus. I looked through almost 6000 of them and chose some that had the right number of syllables. And voilà, I made these haikus:

I’m a bunny fart.
Oh frisky dog, kum buy sheep.
Squishy, squirrel love.

Stainless steel donkey.
Mermaid donkey pretzel horse.
Sand that donkey down.

I’m in between minds.
There’s a sandpit in your mind.
Mind over mongoose.

I share my tics so they can be turned into new things, and used as springboards for creativity. I enjoyed experimenting with them as haikus.

We’ve had some amazing tic inspired-poems sent in and it would be great to have more. So whether like me you want to try your hand at a quick haiku, or you prefer to use a single tic as the starting point for a longer poem, please do explore the thousands of tics, get creative, and share your masterpiece on the website for everyone to enjoy.

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