Sharp Right At The Holly Bush

Leftwing Idiot and I were on our way back from lunch at work yesterday when I did something that made him laugh out loud.

I was happily propelling myself along with him walking to my left when all of a sudden I veered off, making a sharp right turn – straight into a holly bush.

I wasn’t hurt, just a bit scratched and very itchy. As he extracted prickly leaves from my hair I explained what’d gone wrong. Just as I’d started putting the brake on I’d ticced, which meant I’d pulled much harder than planned, causing me to swerve spectacularly.

Although on this occasion it was funny it also demonstrates one of the dangers of me pushing myself when we’re on the street. If I’d gone the other way, off the kerb and into the road, the story would most likely have been a lot less amusing.

I’m very aware of this risk and carefully weigh up where it’s safe for me to push myself and where I need to stay close to my support workers. Thankfully, this time it wasn’t too serious.

I spent the rest of the afternoon discovering little bits of holly in all sorts of odd and uncomfortable places.

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