Hard in my Face

I’ve written before about my well-established ticced animal sex song which includes the line ‘Hard in the face’ sung in a loud gravelly voice.

This evening it wasn’t animals getting it hard in the face, it was me!

I’d been sitting in my living room when I suddenly got up and lurched forward uncontrollably towards the wall. This was the start of a ‘ticcing fit’, one of the more unusual sort that involves a ‘full body jerk’, more affectionately known as an ‘FBJ’ or my ‘Zombie move.’

Will, who was supporting me, caught me just before I hit the wall (and then the floor). His quick reflexes almost certainly saved me from serious pain, but he did manage to elbow me hard in the face in the process.

Thankfully both the fit and the pain faded quickly and we were able to get on with the rest of the evening.

I’m now convinced that in the event of a zombie invasion I’d be safe if I stuck with Will.

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