Bath Transfers - A New Olympic Sport?

Since the start of this year I’ve had help getting washed. Ana, my regular morning carer, and I have developed a pretty efficient and well-practiced routine.

As well as the basics of washing my face, my hair and my body, we’ve introduced some unique customs into the process. For example, we joke about whether Ana’s going to get sprayed by the shower or not. And every time I move across from the bath-lift to the bathroom chair, Ana gives me marks out of ten for the smoothness and skill of my transfer. I’m pleased to announce that I’m currently averaging a solid 7.

These interactions might seem insignificant, but the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere they create is crucial in ensuring that I feel comfortable, and in control of my personal care.

I’m still striving for a perfect bathroom score. This morning Ana hinted that I might get extra points for an elegant finish, so tomorrow I’m going to try raising my arms above my head like a gymnast, on completion of my transfer. I’m confident that the added panache will at last persuade Ana to award the coveted ten out of ten

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