Get Ready for the End of Pig Era

I’ve had a flurry of Pig Days recently – days when I haven’t had a single ‘ticcing fit’ for 24 hours. They’re called Pig Days because tradition dictates that I receive a highly decorated rubber (dog toy) pig to mark each one.

I now have fourteen of these amazing creations and another six on order from the Pig Fairy. Four of them I described here the other day, and since then there have been two more, ‘Navy Pig’ and ‘Stone-Age Pig’. This makes an impressive total of twenty pigs to date.

Yesterday was my most recent fit-free day and it got me thinking: They’re happening so frequently now I’m just about ready to accept that they don’t need to be marked with a pig any more – in fact fit-free days are getting closer to being normal now, not exceptional.

On most days I do still have at least one fit, and because I never know when they’re going to happen I still need constant support to stay safe. But it feels like a significant and positive shift is taking place. After over two-and-a-half years of having these episodes several times a day, nearly every day, this is very good news.

So after consulting with the Pig Fairy via email we’ve decided that there will be no more pigs once I’ve reached twenty-four, at which point I’ll have had one for every hour of the day.

This is good news on many levels, and I really hope that the end of the Pig Era will also mark the start of a new and less ‘fitty’ phase in my life.

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