Who’s Steve?

Much of this blog’s a testament to the strangeness of having Tourettes. But there’s one on-going feature of my tics that I find specially baffling.

In the last eight years I’ve always had a ticced name on the go. Sometimes I know people with that name and sometimes I don’t. The names change randomly and sometimes they come out only at particular times, like when I say ‘Sophie’ during ‘ticcing fits’, or ‘Alan’, pronounced in a particular way, when I’m in pain.

So far the names that I’ve ticced regularly are, in order of appearance:


And last night someone new burst onto the scene – ‘Steve’.

It’s anyone’s guess who Steve is or whether he’ll stick around.

One response to Who’s Steve?

  1. Danni says:

    There’s someone I know locally called Steve who has Tourettes. He’s awesome.

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