The Tic-Enriched Office

Most of the time my colleagues at work don’t seem to notice my tics, except when they’re really funny. And they’re often funny – adding loads of shared laughter to our working days. But they also bring a few extra challenges not found in most offices.

Here are some of the trials my brave colleagues have to battle with daily:

1) Giving out a telephone number while my tics are loudly listing random alternatives.

2) Deciding how loud to laugh when someone’s involuntarily singing a song about another colleague having sex with a table.

3) Maintaining composure during phone calls while tics are suggesting alternative answers to the caller’s questions.

4) Being questioned about bears on an hourly basis.

5) Managing the difference between the number of times biscuits are mentioned and the number of actual biscuits available.

But despite these challenges, our office is a harmonious one, and the six others who I share it with know exactly when it’s alright to laugh.

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