Pneumatic ‘R’s

March is the end of the financial year and it’s fabled for being a time when lots of road works happen as Councils desperately use up their budgets before April 1st. This may or may not be the true, but Leftwing Idiot and I did pass a load of workmen digging up the road when we were out and about earlier.

As usual they were pounding away with a pneumatic drill. Leftwing Idiot pointed out that the drill sounded a bit like someone rolling their ‘r’s. I immediately went berserk with excitement.

I’ve written loads of times about how I find rolled ‘r’s inexplicably funny (and enormously over stimulating), along with a number of other random things including the wind, penguins, PAT tests and sawdust.

The drill did make a round, rolling sound and Leftwing Idiot roared with laughter as he battled to get past the road works at the same time as holding onto me as my body lurched about with uncontrollable joy in the wheelchair.

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