“Mauve Tuesday”

It’s the real Shrove Tuesday and we’ve been enjoying more delicious pancakery here at the castle. Last week I wrote about our evening making practice pancakes, and my ticced recipe suggestions. This evening my tics took a different approach and came up with a range of alternative celebration days. These included:

“Handmade Dave Day”
“Spank A Bat Day”
“Fanfare Day”
“Nan-cake Day”
“Mauve Tuesday”

And, moving on a bit,

“Smothering Sunday”

I enjoyed thinking about what traditions might be observed on these days. Getting cakes baked by nans would be the obvious way of marking Nan-cake Day. Maybe on Fanfare Day every move you make would be proclaimed with a deafening fanfare. Smothering Sunday seems like a less cheerful proposition and how you’d be expected to spend Spank A Bat Day is a worry.

If you have any great ideas for celebration days and the traditions that could go with them, post your suggestions in the comments section below.

Happy Nan-cake Day to one and all.

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