Snap Goes The Handle Pt. 2

Leftwing Idiot and I were at Tate Britain this afternoon, continuing with our preparations for We Forgot The Lot!’ While we were there I had a ‘ticcing fit’. It started just as I was transferring from the toilet back into my wheelchair and like the one the other day, this was very badly timed. Fortunately I’d pretty much made it into my chair, but I hadn’t yet put my seatbelt on. Leftwing idiot was quick to realise what was happening and came to help. I was soon secured in my chair, which was lucky because some of my movements were extremely forceful.

Once the fit had ended we headed off into the sunny afternoon. I was using my regular wheelchair, partly because I’ve got a fractured elbow, so at the moment I can’t use my Trekinetic (which I push myself), and partly because I only use the Trekinetic when it’s safe to use independently – not for long journeys, in crowded places, or near busy roads.

As we were heading home, Leftwing Idiot noticed a problem – the handle on my chair seemed wobbly, so when I got back to the castle I inspected it to find out why. The answer was immediately clear: the backrest had cracked again, in exactly the same place as it had done last year. It hadn’t completely snapped in two but it was only a matter of time before it did. My fit this afternoon must’ve made things worse, but the problem had almost certainly been there already – this afternoon’s fit was the one that broke the wheelchair’s back.

I’ve called my wheelchair therapist and explained what’s happened and she’s already arranged for my faithful chair to be collected and taken to their workshop. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next, but at least this time I have another one to use in the meantime.

I’ll keep you posted on this annual wheelchair drama.

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