This is going to be a very short post because I’ve gone and got myself a cold. It happens at the same time every year, just when I think I’ve managed to stay well all winter. Everyone at work seems to be ill too though, so at least it’s not just me.

The trouble is, every time I’m under the weather my ‘ticcing fits’ get worse – more violent and more frequent. Recently they’ve been down to one or two a day at the most, but today I’ve already had four.

Beyond all the extra discomfort this causes it also means I’m totally out of the running for any new piggies. Regular readers will know all about Pig Days (PDs), and Potential Pig Days (PPDs), but today’s been a total ANCOAPD:

Absolutely No Chance Of A Pig Day!

I’m drinking orange juice and eating apples like crazy in order to get better more quickly, and ready for some more pigs.

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  1. Michael B says:

    All the best! Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery!

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