Ten Things I’ve Learnt This Week

1. How to take my trousers off with one finger
2. How to unwrap a tampon with my teeth
3. How to apply my wheelchair brakes with my elbows
4. That everybody ties a ponytail differently
5. That it’s shocking when things suddenly change but there’s nearly always a way through
6. That Fat Sister has yet to master doing a towel turban on someone other than herself
7. That the NHS continues to be amazing, responsive and empathetic in the face of relentless pressure
8. That a bit of planning, communication and good organisation can help push worries away
9. That my friends and family are an incredible, compassionate and adaptable bunch with an unshakable love of inappropriate humour – and me.
10. That I’m resilient.

3 responses to Ten Things I’ve Learnt This Week

  1. MrsBadcrumble says:

    Happy 2014! I hope it turns out to have more achievements, improvements & basically, more jolly good times, than you might currently anticipate!
    Been reading your blog/tweets for ages, finally decided to log in.
    You’re awesome! Why on earth people feel to need to ‘follow’, in whatever way, ‘celebs’ – when there are real, fascinating folk out there such as you, that can make us laugh, smile, cry and feel we push back our ignorance, I’ve no idea. People also moan about the falsity of social media, than we have only a small number of genuine friends and all other interactions are meaningless & contrived. Well actually, I love the chance to be, in a teensy weensy tiny way, a friend of yours!! love & best wishes, MrsBadcrumble x

  2. Catwings says:

    Has the dystonia affected your tics? particularly with hand tics like your punching, as obviously it stops you forming a fist?

  3. Hi Catwings, the heavy duty muscle relaxants seemed to ease all my tics a bit. But my chest banging continued despite my differently shaped hands. It did make it even more painful. The shape of my hand did pose some problems and I ended up with a nasty scratch on my chin as a result.

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