Looking Up

(This is transcript from a blog I wanted to write but was in too much pain to do so at the time. I recorded it on my and wrote it later.)

A few minutes ago I was in absolute agony because of my locked up hands. I’d been trying to do some one-fingered typing but it was much too painful.

So now I’m recording this on my phone because I want to remember this moment.

I’m in my room on my bed, lying down on my back. I’ve swivelled round so I’m next to the window, with my head resting on the end of my mattress. I’ve stretched my legs up the wall next to the window frame so they point towards the ceiling, and my hands are resting on my stomach.

I’m looking up out of the window at the most amazing blue sky. I know it’s been mad stormy today but now the sky’s bright and clear. Moving fast across it is a procession of white clouds. Now and again a couple of birds nip by or a falling leaf blusters past.

The view keeps changing but at the same time it feels still. The warmth from the radiator under the window is coming through my jumper and seeping into my skin.

I’ve gone from being distressed by pain to feeling calm and a lot more comfortable.

And I know that behind me the lamp-post is watching my back.

3 responses to Looking Up

  1. Elsewhere says:

    You’ve got a real gift for life…
    But I do hope things will ease up a little soon and you will get the use of your hands back.

  2. bobcorrick says:

    thank you for

  3. Becs says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling more comfortable and calm Jess, hope things improve soon x

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