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We Need To Talk About Bears

I’m well known for my biscuit tics, hedgehogs are constant companions, and I talk incessantly about the sexual habits of sheep, goats and cats.

But what about bears?

This is a question my tics have asked many times … read more

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Pig in a Wig

As regular readers will know, there’s been a bit of a backlog with my pigs (the pig shaped rubber dog toys I’m given by the Pig Fairy to mark a day without a ticcing fit).

I wrote last … read more

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What Freedom Looks Like

What does Freedom look like to you?

That was the question that dropped into my inbox at the end of last year. It was in an email from a BBC team asking if I’d take part in Freedom 2014, … read more

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Introducing Disco Piggy

No sooner had I written about the piggies I was waiting for (my reward from the Pig Fairy for ‘ticcing-fit-free’ days) than one of the overdue three arrived.

The reason for the delay was clear – the Pig … read more

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Super Mario Sat Nav Saturday

I wasn’t able to go to an event as I’d planned on Saturday, so instead I hung out with Poppy. She had some stuff to do at her house so I went round there with her. While she was … read more

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One Month On

It’s exactly a month since Boxing Day when the muscles in my hands mysteriously went into spasm and seized up.

There’ve been many times over the last 28 days when writing this blog has rescued me from feelings of desperationread more

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The Right Decision

I’d been really looking forward to going to an event this weekend with Keir, but then three things happened that made it a bad idea.

First, Keir injured his back and wasn’t able to come. My friend Jess, who hasn’t … read more

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Magic Movement

Yesterday got off to an upsetting start. My hands were stiff and unresponsive and I felt utterly worn out, both because I hadn’t slept much and because of the on-going uncertainty about my hands.

Poppy comforted me when I … read more

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Dear Daytime Self

When, how and why I’m writing this post feels horribly familiar. It’s 3.10am, I’m typing slowly with one extended finger, and I’m writing because I feel freaked out and alone.

About an hour ago I woke up and discovered … read more


Striking A Cord

It’s generally frowned upon to go around taking pictures in public toilets, but yesterday when Leftwing Idiot and I were on our way to a meeting I came across this in the accessible toilet. So out came the phone for … read more

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