Pig in a Wig

As regular readers will know, there’s been a bit of a backlog with my pigs (the pig shaped rubber dog toys I’m given by the Pig Fairy to mark a day without a ticcing fit).

I wrote last week about the arrival of the amazing Disco Pig but noted I was still expecting both 18th Century Pig and Grey Pig.

This evening when I went to get something from the bookcase in the living room (which is doubling up as a PDU – Piggy Display Unit) I found to my great surprise and excitement that a new pig had arrived – a pig in a wig!

The Pig Fairy’s clearly both a creative genius and completely nuts. This is definitely one of the most elaborate pigs so far. The attention to detail is extraordinary – 18th Century Pig not only has a wig but also incredible eyebrows, a lace shirt, pearls and a green silk jacket complete with tail hole.

This unexpected arrival was so awesome I reacted with a full fifteen minutes of excited squealing.

Poppy and Leftwing Idiot, who were both with me, asked what pigs I’d be working towards next. My tics very helpfully obliged with a spontaneous list:

“90’s Pig”
“Nana Pig”
“The Notorious P.I.G.”
“Latvian Princess Pig”
“Alan Pig”
“Diving Pig”
“Sandpaper Pig”
“Dalmatian Pig”

I can’t wait to meet them all, but I’m particularly excited by the prospect of Diving Pig.

So while the Pig Fairy gets to work on the list all I have to do is focus on not having fits and on winning pigs.

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  1. catherine says:

    I remember 90’s pig, last seen in a field near the Oust services on the M4 recovering from a rave. He had hair like Sean Ryder circa 1991 and liked wearing neon.

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