Pub Fit Fun

Last night Zoë and I popped to the Gowlett where Leftwing Idiot was DJing. He’s been playing there for years and it’s always a nice way to spend a Sunday evening. The bar staff always make me feel very welcome so I feel comfortable there, even when I’m having a ‘ticcing fit’.

I don’t know if it was the relaxed atmosphere, the tunes Leftwing Idiot was playing or a completely unrelated quirk of my neurology, but when I had a fit in the pub it was a very funny one. Not ‘funny peculiar’ but ‘funny ha-ha’!

It’s not often I say funny things while I’m fitting – the noises I make are usually stereotyped and repetitive. But last night I came out with a plethora of surreal ideas. I’ve just looked through the book where I write them all down and there’s at least a week’s worth of #dailyoutbursts.

I share a dailyoutburst every day on Facebook and Twitter. It often takes me ages to choose them, but this week it’ll be easy because last night’s fit has provided me with loads. I’m not going to spoil the surprise by giving them away now, but here are a few extras:

“Acrylic nails or TV sales? Choose.”
“Graph paper or illegal cats? Choose.”
“I’m an 18th Century snake charmer.”
“Sophie Dahl died – she was stuffed with sand by a taxidermist in the 80s.”

Look out for the rest coming to your favourite social media this week!

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