Drinking Aid

After work yesterday Poppy and I went for a quick drink at a trendy bar that’s just opened near the castle. We sat in a nice spot by the window, but the table was very low.

This lack of height was a problem because my arm tics make it hard for me to hold a glass safely. I usually leave my drink on the table and bend forward to drink it with a straw. To start with Poppy was picking the glass up and holding it for me every time I wanted a sip, but not surprisingly this was annoying for both of us.

Then Poppy had a brainwave. She popped a small stool onto the table and put my drink on top of that.

It was then at perfect height and meant we could concentrate on chatting rather than worry about the logistics of drinking. The bar staff didn’t even to notice. That’s the great thing about trendy bars – unusual uses of furniture tend to blend in and look like just another ‘hip’ art installation.

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