Swear Layer

In addition to repeatedly sticking my finger up at Will’s left knee the other day, my tics came up with a brand new way to swear.

Let me introduce you to the ‘Swear layer.’

All of a sudden I stuck my middle fingers up, one on top of the other, and with a voice only rivalled by He-Man himself, shouted “By the power of swear layer!”

Will, who was already amused by my tics’ abuse of his knee, found this very funny and joined in. Adding his middle fingers to mine, he announced “Quadruple swear layer.”

Admittedly, my tics have played with the form of the one-fingered swear before. Swear layer’s a new strain from the brain that brought you ‘Self swear’ and the ‘360° swear’. But I reckon this one’s really going to take off. Within the next few days let’s take layered swearing to the next level.

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