My New Move

In the cab home from work last night I had a mild ‘ticcing fit’ during which I made some forceful and repetitive movements with my arms. The fit ended quite quickly, but this new movement hasn’t stopped.

It’s not the worst new tic that could’ve arrived, but it’s definitely going to take some getting used to if it sticks around. It makes my elbows suddenly bend, pulling both my arms simultaneously into my body. And this is in addition to my chest banging tic, which I’ve had for the last five years at least.

Drawing By: Olive Johnson

I’d hoped this new tic would be very short-lived, but when it was still happening this morning I knew it was a move I might have for some time.

It’s a bit annoying, and makes my arms ache, but I’m still able to use them in a functional way, even though during dinner last night I did spill a lot more food and drink on myself than normal. I’m finding out how it affects what I can do and what’s suddenly got trickier.

It’s not uncommon for new tics to arrive out of the blue like this. Some develop gradually so I never quite know when they began, with others I can be going about my normal day when they suddenly start and become part of my life for years. This unpredictability is a particularly tough part of life with Tourettes.

My new move isn’t making it impossible for me to do a whole lot of things, but it’s slowing everything down. Rather than getting worried or worked up by this, I’ve decided to try and think of it as a chance to take life at a slower pace.

As always, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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