My Favourite Idiot’s Back

This morning at 9.30am my support worker arrived to take me to work. This is what happens most days and it isn’t usually a cause for particular excitement. But today my support worker was Leftwing Idiot.

He’s been away at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the last four weeks and it was absolutely lovely to see him. The month’s whizzed by and although everything’s worked out fine without him, I’ve missed his company, humour and presence in my life.

As soon as we’d said hello and had a hug he strode over to inspect the geranium. I immediately ticced “Do you like my geranium?”

He smiled and asked, ‘Are you trying to wind me up already?’ I laughed and explained that I’d been calling it ‘My geranium’ since he brought it to stay at the castle just before he left.

It’ll soon be time for it to go home and I’m pleased to report it’ll be heading back down the road in radiant health.

Photo by: Zoë Kinross

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