Who Pressed the Mute Button?

Today, I’m quite literally speechless: I’ve completely lost my voice again. It started to go on the way back from Shambala and has yet to return. I went to the doctor this morning and she said it’s the same virus I’ve been battling with for the last few weeks and that it wasn’t unusual for certain viruses to hang about for a long time.

She said that in order for my voice to heal properly I needed to rest it completely. That’s obviously quite tricky for me because I can’t control a lot of what I say and I’m continuing to tic even though very little noise is coming out.

Yesterday Leftwing Idiot joked that now would be a good time for us to go to the cinema. Sadly though, I won’t be taking advantage of my unusual quietness because the doctor also told me to rest for the next five days. This is something I find hard to do, but it’s an instruction I’m definitely going to follow because I’m determined to get better quickly – I’m desperate to avoid another winter spent repeatedly getting ill.

There’s not a great deal more to say right now so I’m off to lie down for a while.

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