World of The Zodiac - Virgo

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the astrological year! Here’s the sixth ticced World of the Zodiac horoscope – this time it’s Virgo.

There’s a mixture of sage and un-sage advice in this one (unlike all the others, which have been completely rational). I’ll leave it to you, Virgos, to work out what to try, but it’ll be at your own risk. Here are a few links that might prove useful:

How do remove glue from skin
Are expensive moisturisers worth the money? – the worlds largest costume play community
A practical guide to having a baby

So, Virgos, with the all the safety warnings in place and the emergency services on standby, here are your predictions for the year ahead

I hope that’s all clear and useful. Please share it with all the analytical horseradishes you know and I’ll see you again in a month to chat about what’s in store for Libras.

In the meantime, ‘Be true to yourself and your britches.’

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