Drawn to Penguins

I’ve described my tics’ strange obsession with penguins many times before. They’ve said a lot of things about penguins, said that my own hand is one, and made me laugh hysterically about them. For some reason I pay a lot more attention to penguin tics and enjoy them in a way I don’t with many others.

I tic so many times a day I’d get nothing done if I paid attention to each one. I’ve got so used to tuning them out that friends often have to remind me to write the good ones down before they get forgotten.

But not penguin tics. These are amongst my favourites, probably because I associate them with laughter, being with friends, and the feeling of relief my emergency medication brings during a bad ‘ticcing fit’ – a moment that often brings on a lot of penguins.

The other day I had a bit of free time so on the spur of the moment I decided that I’d illustrate some penguin tics. I love drawing and find the focused concentration that’s needed for it very calming. What’s less relaxing is the many attempts it takes me to finish a single drawing because of the way my arm tics spoil them. But with some persistence I completed a whole collection of them, and here they are:

I hadn’t planned to do these drawings but I it was a lovely way to while away an evening. If you find yourself with a few spare moments, why not browse my tics and illustrate any that capture your imagination or make you laugh? You can upload them to the site and share them with the world.

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