Days and Nights With The Lamp-Post

I’m going to keep this short because I’m still not very well and concentrating on anything for more than a few moments is a struggle.

My ‘ticcing fits’ have increased dramatically, as they always do when I’m ill. It’s just before 6am and so far today I’ve had at least one fit an hour. This and the pain in my throat have led to another disrupted night, and for the second morning in a row I’ve been awake to see the lamp-post outside my window switch itself off for the new day.

I spent the whole of yesterday in bed so I got to appreciate the lamp-post in the daylight again. I last wrote about this back in January just after I’d had my tonsils out, but in the depths of winter the scene was substantially different.

Yesterday even when the lamp-post wasn’t on it was lit up by dappled sun, and the trees, which were bare in winter, now reach out towards it with their leafy green limbs.

Last night as I drifted in and out of sleep, my view of the lamp-post was distorted by some dirt on the window. For a moment this made it look as if there were three lamp-posts, not just one. It’s a strong indication of how ropey I was feeling that my tics didn’t comment on this new development.

Hopefully, after another day of taking it easy I’ll start to feel much better. When I’m fully recovered I’ll need to remember to clean the window.

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