That Old Familiar Feeling

Yesterday afternoon a very familiar feeling slowly crept over me, and it wasn’t one I was pleased to experience.

My throat began to sting, and it got slowly worse over the course of the evening until it became a sustained throb. I felt tired, shivery, and my head ached. By the time I headed to bed I’d had twice as many fits as I’d normally expect to have by then.

I’m not totally ill but I definitely feel off colour, and it’s a vivid reminder of last year when I had repeated bouts of tonsillitis over the summer. Each time I got sick my ‘ticcing fits’ would increase dramatically, making everything much more complicated.

At the start of this year I had my tonsils out and I’ve stayed well ever since. Fat Sister, who’s a doctor, says that because I’ve got no tonsils it probably means I’ve picked up a virus. Hopefully it’ll pass quickly and I’ll soon be back to normal.

For now I’m going to concentrate on resting and trying not to swallow.

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