Wanted: Wrestlers!

Twelve-year-old guest blogger Dylan is back with some excellent news, a brilliant blog and a fantastic job opportunity. I’ll let Dylan explain…


I’ve got some good news: for four hours per week I’m getting help at home (maybe going places…Ace! I want to go to Lapland!!)

So I’m thinking about the type of person I would like to work with, a job advert, if you like. Here’s the sort of person I’m looking for and what the job may involve:

1 Male, preferably.
2 Flexible hours.
3 May involve eating nuts, so if you have a nut allergy this job isn’t for you.
4 Being a WWE wrestler, and a ninja and karate specialist would be an advantage, so if The Rock or Chuck Norris is reading this, apply now.
5 The ability to laugh and tell jokes whilst doing a handstand are a must.
6 Must like being insulted regularly, and be positive and committed.

Let the best chicken win! Non-chickens need not apply.

My latest tic involves a character called Pogo Longo who is the Pogo champion, and rainbow pencils, which are pencils that change through the colours of the rainbow as you write.

And finally a question for you, Touretteshero: If you had a baby would its first word be ‘Biscuit?’


In answer to your cheeky question, Dylan: quite possibly, and it might have to get used to some very curious tic-enhanced nursery rhymes as well.

Good luck finding a PA. I know from my own experience how great it feels when you’ve got the right support.

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