Totem Pole

A few weeks ago, when Leftwing Idiot, Poppy and I were hanging out at the castle, Leftwing Idiot rested his head on top of Poppy’s. To the surprise of us all, this made me squeal with glee. I shouted excitedly that they looked like a totem pole, so they immediately started making totem-pole-esque poses that led to even more gleeful squealing and flapping from me.

We’ve repeated this a few times since, and my tics have remained firmly overexcited in response. Today we took the living totem poles idea to the next level by adding three more heads.

We prepared for the ‘Five-person totem’ carefully, with Leftwing Idiot putting one of my crash mats on the ground so I’d be safe when I inevitably overreacted. I then closed my eyes while Fat Sister, Poppy, Leftwing Idiot, King Russell and our friend Krystel got into position.

When they were ready, I opened my eyes and here’s the thrilling scene that greeted me:

Right on cue my tics went into overdrive and I howled with laughter. Leftwing Idiot was amazed that I managed to stay still long enough to take the picture.

I’m glad I was able to get the snap so I can share the magnificent five-head totem with you, and so I can look at it whenever I’m feeling low or despondent. If you want to give it a try, please send me the results and I’ll upload them to this post.

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