A long time before this site went live Leftwing Idiot described me as a ‘Crazy language-generating machine’ and told me it’d be a real waste not to make imaginative use of my tics. It took a while but eventually I came to see how this could work, using them as a springboard for creativity.

So when we built the website and started sharing my tics, we hoped people reading them would be inspired to create works of art for the gallery. It worked, and we now have over 200 images from 89 different artists at every stage of their careers, from children just getting to grips with using pens to professional artists and illustrators.

It’s a real treat for me to see how differently people interpret and respond to my unusual utterances, and I love it when I get an email telling me a new image has arrived. My hope that one day the tics capture someone’s imagination to the point of obsession, and they’ll end up trying to illustrate every single one – there are over 5,500 of them!

At the beginning of this month, Crocadillo uploaded the first of several amazing images to the site. Since then they’ve been coming in thick and fast, and although still a long way from my goal, Crocadillo’s off to a very good start. So today, Crocadillo, I salute you – please keep adding to the gallery.

Here are my favourites so far:

I’m a dingle dangle donkey with a tea top hat

Caveman catamaran

God says “I gave you a tiny blue penis.”


Crocadillo’s not the only artist to have made a major contribution to my unique collection. Check out amazing work by Lauriepink, Ratboy, and Rikki Marr.

Feeling inspired yet? I hope so. I’ll be looking forward to seeing some great new pictures very soon. Keep them coming!

One response to Crocadillo

  1. Crocadillo says:

    Eeek! It’s a long time since I blushed about anything, but logging in this morning has seen me doing just that!
    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my drawings, as I’ve certainly enjoyed creating them.
    I have to thank you for not only making my sides hurt everyday since I discovered this site, but more importantly, giving me a much deeper understanding of Tourettes. I have learned a lot since reading through the site, and feel privileged to have been educated in something which most of the mass media seem to still completely misunderstand, and exploit. So, once again, thank you for opening my eyes. (and really making me laugh!)
    I hope the drawings will continue to appear, I have an ever-growing list of tics I want to illustrate (and a pad on my desk at work with lots of pen doodles that will hopefully soon be turned into something worth sharing)
    Here’s to enlightenment.

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