I Spy - Against The Clock

My support worker Mia and I were the only people in the office at work today. It was very quiet and I got a lot done, in stark contrast to last week, which was breathtakingly busy because of the half-term holiday. All our projects were full of children enjoying various playscheme activities.

In addition to my normal office-based work I helped run some activities, including a trip to a forest and camp outside London. We travelled there in our ancient minibus and on the way I sat in the back with Leftwing Idiot and played word games with the children.

The kids were keen to play I-Spy, a game to which my tics always give an extra edge.

Leftwing Idiot explained that because I have Tourettes I find it hard to keep the thing I’m thinking of a secret, so they’d have to be speedy to get their guesses in before I blurted out the answer.

I-Spy against the clock proved a very popular adaptation and there were at least three occasions when successful guesses were made before I shouted out the answer.

I always thought that Tourettes meant I was bad at I-Spy but last week’s trip showed me it actually means I’m very good at making it interesting.

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