I Own You, Geranium

At the weekend Poppy stopped in at the castle to pick up a few things on her way to Leftwing Idiot’s flat. She asked if she could have a plant pot so she could re-pot his geranium. Given my tics’ on-going hostility towards this plant it’s not surprising she seemed amazed when I agreed.

Yesterday I stopped in at Leftwing Idiot’s and saw the newly re-potted geranium. My tics instantly set about letting it know its place:

“I own you now geranium.”
“Geranium, you are just a leaseholder.”
“I’m a slum landlord for geraniums.”
“Geranium, I can evict you at any moment.”
“Do you like your pot geranium? Don’t get too comfy.”

When she’d stopped laughing, Poppy said ‘I wondered why you’d agreed to let me take the pot so happily.’

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