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Tic and Mix

Yesterday London was bathed in long-awaited sunshine, just in time for the annual Ticnic in Hyde Park. About a hundred people, either with Tourettes or a close connection to it, gathered for a relaxed afternoon of lolling and LOLing in … read more

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Mobility Road Trip

I took yesterday off and persuaded my dad and Fat Sister to do the same. Together we went on a road trip to the Mobility Roadshow in Telford, just north of Birmingham. The Roadshow’s an event devoted to products and … read more

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Open Wide and Don’t Say ‘Biscuit’

I had a check up at the dentist yesterday. He couldn’t see any obvious problems but thought I needed a scale and polish. This might not sound particularly newsworthy, but going to the dentist isn’t a straightforward process when you’ve … read more

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The Fit List

I woke up in the middle of last night having a ‘ticcing fit’. It was the type in which my muscles become very tight and I can’t move at all. Going from being asleep to waking up rigid … read more

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Before Summer Crashed

A few weeks ago we had a couple of beautiful sunny days which made me think summer had come. Enthused, I bought a new outdoor table for the castle’s garden and some crash mats so I could sit out there … read more

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Express Yourself

A while ago I did an interview for the Express newspaper about what it’s like living with Tourettes and about my book Welcome to Biscuit Land. The interview wasn’t published immediately and as the months wore on I’d almost … read more

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Duck Sex

I’ve written several times recently about the theme of bestiality in my tics. There have been songs about various animals and particular obsessions with sheep, goats and cats. The latest creature to get in on the action is … read more

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The Clunkmobile

I’ve got up every morning for the last week in a cheerful upbeat mood and then, somewhere between the shower and leaving the front door, my heart’s sunk. There’s a very tangible reason for this and it’s not stress at … read more

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World of the Zodiac - Cancer

I hope everybody had a happy summer solstice yesterday. Following on from this landmark event, here’s another – my fourth monthly Tourettes-enhanced horoscope.

The weather might be gloomy but I’m certain my latest predictions will help brighten things up.… read more

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Horsing Around

In his fourth post, twelve-year-old guest blogger Dylan fills us in on his recent equestrian adventures. I’ll let him take the reins from here.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been attending the Riding For The Disabled (RDA for … read more