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In his fourth post, twelve-year-old guest blogger Dylan fills us in on his recent equestrian adventures. I’ll let him take the reins from here.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been attending the Riding For The Disabled (RDA for short) sessions. I got to hear about them from an open day in my village. I asked if I could join, and after they had a meeting I got the green light. I’ve now been to two sessions.

I rode a horse called Flynn, whose age is unknown. He’s white and a male horse. Having not ridden a horse for a few years I was given a five minute circuit session around the barn just to get used to the it – don’t worry, there are always three people leading me and the horse!

On my second session I took part in all the activities. I even did ‘no hands’, and in fact the only thing I didn’t do was take my feet out of the stirrups. The three activities included me riding up to two baskets and moving toys from one basket to the other. I also got the horse to stop near some poles (horses fortunately have good brakes!) and I also did a slalom course (horses fortunately have good steering!).

I absolutely loved it and my dad had to help as they were short of a volunteer. He thinks he’s a cowboy now (YEE HAA Dad!) The RDA volunteers were friendly and helpful. I was nervous at the beginning but after a couple of laps around the barn I was ready to do the activities.

Now here’s the thing – I felt in complete control of my horse and, as you know, I often don’t feel in control of my tics from day to day. No, hang on… hour to hour. No, wait…from millisecond to millisecond. I did have my “Bonkers eye tics” but as I said, I haven’t ridden a horse in two years.

I’d recommend the RDA horse-riding sessions. Maybe getting a place could prove difficult as they’re very popular but if you are interested they’re a nationwide organisation and it’s worth getting in touch with your local branch.

My tic of the week is “I am horsey” (repeatedly).

Until next time…


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  1. Goalie-boy says:

    I have just done my 3rd RDA lesson. I did absalotly everything, wich encluded taing my feet out of the syrups and trotting wich normaly takes ages until people learn to trott. Apparently my postures really good. Next weeks the last week of RDA. Then the new lessons start in September.

  2. katyloumcgoo says:

    Way to go ! We have one of these in our area as well and I hear great things about it. Yeehah!

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