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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking to an American journalist with an incredible name. Lisa Collier Cool writes for Yahoo! Health and her article about me and Tourettes went up yesterday. You can read it here. We spoke for a long time and I think it’s fair to say Lisa was quite nervous to begin with – she’d never spoken to someone with Tourettes before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But by the end of the interview she was well into the swing of things and had managed to filter out the ‘Biscuits’ and ‘Hedgehogs’. She asked some very thoughtful questions and she’s come up with a really great article.

(Photo: Laura Page)

If you’ve found your way to the blog via Lisa’s article, welcome. Touretteshero is all about celebrating the humour and creativity of Tourettes Syndrome, the most frequently misunderstood condition on the planet. My mission is simple, to change the world one tic at a time.

Please feel free to explore the site – there’s plenty to discover and we’re adding new content all the time. Read the blog, enjoy my tics, draw a picture for the gallery, and treat yourself to something nice from the store. If you want to find out more about Tourettes have a look at the FAQ and if you’re feeling generous, make a donation.

And get yourself a copy of my book Welcome to Biscuit Land – it’s out now in the US, Kindle and paperback.

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