A Long-Awaited Day?

I’m writing in the last half hour of Sunday, 12th May 2013. So far today I’ve not had a single ‘ticcing fit’. My fit-recording sheet is beautifully blank, something that hasn’t happened since 21st October 2011.

Since that day I’ve had a fit (usually several, sometimes more than twenty) every single day. They can happen at any time, day or night, and can last from just a few minutes to several hours. I’ve had periods of twenty-four hours when I haven’t had a fit but I’ve not yet done a full calendar day!

I’d been having ticcing fits before October 2011 but they hadn’t been daily and I’d been desperately trying to ignore them. If I stay fit-free for what’s now only fifteen minutes, it’ll be the realisation of something I’ve been desperately hoping for, for many, many months.

Even if I make this magical milestone it won’t necessarily be repeated again any time soon, but getting through a whole day fit free is tremendously important to me.

The anticipation’s overwhelming. For the last two hours I’ve been mentally drafting the text message I’m going to send to Leftwing Idiot and Fat Sister if I make it to midnight, which is now only minutes away.

If you’re reading this, I made it!

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  1. I made it. I sent the text message, and I cried with relief.

  2. aldwin says:


  3. katyloumcgoo says:

    Yeah! Here’s to many more of these days!

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