Air Time

Today’s post will be a short one because I’ve no time to spare even though it’s ridiculously early in the morning – very soon Leftwing Idiot will be here and then we’ll be heading off to Ireland.

We’re going to Dublin because I’ve been invited to be a guest on RTE’s Saturday Night Show. I’ve never been to Ireland before so I’m particularly excited about this trip.

I’m also a tiny bit nervous, but I’m not sure if that’s about being interviewed on live TV or about making it through airport security and the flight without my tics getting me into trouble. What I am sure about is that I’m looking forward to sharing the creativity and humour of Touretteshero with new people.

If this is your first visit to this website, welcome!

Please have a good look round. You can follow the ups and downs of my life with Tourettes in the daily blog. You can browse through thousands of my surreal vocal tics and vote on the ones you like. If a tic captures your imagination you can use it as a springboard for your own creativity and upload your artwork to the gallery.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tourettes, have a look at our FAQ’s, drop me a line or read my book Welcome to Biscuit Land. If you like what we’re doing and want to help please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter and consider making a donation to help us maintain this site and put on creative events for children with Tourettes.

There’s loads more to check out too. Have a look at my YouTube channel, a listen to my Soundcloud, and visit the shop for environmentally friendly Touretteshero merchandise.

When I’ve done interviews before I’ve read comments online afterwards from people saying they feel guilty because my tics made them laugh. If you’re laughing because my tics are surreal and funny, that’s fine, that’s what Touretteshero’s all about. But if you’re laughing at me it probably means you’re missing out on the real humour. Tourettes is much richer than strange noises and unusual movements. Have a listen to this song, read about this experience, and imagine what you’d do in my shoes.

My hope is that Touretteshero will make people think as well as laugh – my mission is to ‘Change the world one tic at a time.’

We’re off to catch the plane now. I’m going to try very hard to not shout “Petrol bomb!” at check-in.

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