Running Away Commentary

I’ve described how my tics tend to overreact during tense or exciting moments in films. While this is often funny it does make for quite a hair-raising experience for whoever’s watching with me.

This evening Poppy and I watched a particularly gripping episode of period costume drama, Downton Abbey. While it might not be a programme full of blood, car chases, or music foretelling imminent death, it has its fair share of simmering suspense, mild peril and tension. And for my Tourettes, even this is too much!

At times when the risk of overreacting is high I can’t even bear to watch the screen. Instead I sit with my hands over my eyes or with my back to the TV. Most people have probably done this at some point in their lives, but I doubt they would have been over six years old at the time.

Recently, during the moments I’ve decided not to watch, I’ve asked whoever’s with me to do a running audio commentary on what’s happening. But it’s a sad fact that none of my support workers are any good at it – and certainly shouldn’t consider a change of career.

Poppy showed early promise during an edgy scene in tonight’s episode of Downton when two characters seemed about to share an illicit kiss. I’d shot haphazardly across the room and cowered by the fridge long before they’d even got close. Poppy dutifully started describing what was happening and as the accompanying music hit a crescendo she announced that another character had just walked in. I shrieked with excitement and thumped the fridge.

Then I looked over at Poppy, and she grinned mischievously and said ‘Not really!’

This made me laugh, and then over-react all over again.

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