Tics Grow into Art

My friend Keir has cropped up in this blog many times, sometimes when he’s been helping me out or when we’ve been dancing or when he’s produced amazing tic-inspired art for our website. Last night he managed all three in one excellent evening.

He was taking part in a group art exhibition called ‘Grow Up’ which was held in an abandoned office building. As well as interesting art, the people were lovely and the music was great. The work Keir was exhibiting was inspired by my tics. He’d chosen a selection from this site and turned them into beautiful, simple graphic images.

As well as prints he’d also made some amazing laser-cut pieces and hopefully this’ll be something we can develop with him in the future. The thought Keir had put into this work was clear to see, but his consideration didn’t stop with his art. He’d also made sure that there was a discreet place for me to go if I had a ‘ticcing fit’, complete with crash mat. I really appreciated this.

If you fancy getting creative please do rummage through my many tics and find some that capture your imagination – there are more than 5000 of the

m, so there’s plenty of choice. You can use them to make any sort of artwork, whether it’s visual art, music, poetry or film. Please upload them to the gallery or drop me an email so they can be shared and enjoyed by everyone.

If you haven’t done anything like this before, have a go anyway. We welcome contributions from anyone, and images can be rough sketches or finished pieces, it’s totally up to you. Every week one image becomes ‘Image of the week’ and takes pride of place on the homepage.

I’m looking forward to seeing more tics grow into art

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