Most superheroes do battle with super villains and evil geniuses in far-flung places. Today, Touretteshero’s adversary was much closer to home – inside her own throat. She was admitted to hospital yesterday for her tonsillectomy. She asked me to write the post for today in case she was too woozy to do it herself and I don’t think it surprised anyone that she was, after the large amount of anaesthetic and painkillers she’d had.

I’ve been with her the whole time so I’ve seen first-hand just how well everyone at the hospital’s looked after her. Doctors, nurses and support staff all made sure she was comfortable, secure and well informed at all times. They were particularly keen to make sure she knew what she was in there for, presumably to avoid her thinking she was going to have a different operation altogether.

Touretteshero dealt with everything with typical friendliness and good humour. When she woke up in the recovery ward she asked me to text Fat Sister and tell her the operation had been a success and that they’d managed to turn her into a man. I did as I was told but I don’t think Fat Sister was worried.

It’s going to take Touretteshero a couple of weeks to get back to full strength so it’s possible you might be hearing from me a bit more until then. In the meantime, please feel free to leave her a message in the comments section below.

Leftwing Idiot

4 responses to Post-Op

  1. j.hanson says:

    Dear Left Wing Idiot, Thank you so much for looking after Touretteshero during her operation and being her guardian angel and fellow traveller through all the exigencies of her super-heroic life. You are a superstar!

  2. Catwings says:

    Thanks for the update Lefty! TH, hope you”re feeling better soon, looking forward to reading about your new life without tonsils (and more importantly without tonsillitis!).

  3. buzzfloyd says:

    Thanks for the update, Leftwing Idiot!
    Good luck with the recovery, TH! Hope there are no complications or infections and that this op gives you a healthier, less stressful year. You deserve it!

  4. Eve says:

    Love!!! Just caught up with this, hope you’re feeling better! <3

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