My Last Night With Tonsils

Tomorrow I say ‘So long, tonsils.’ It won’t be a sad goodbye – they’ve been the cause of a lot of trouble in the last few months. In preparation I’m in hospital this evening for my first overnight stay since I was a kid.

I’ve been fretting about the logistics of staying in hospital much more than about the operation itself. I’ve been worrying about explaining my care plan to new people, not being able to get myself to the toilet, disturbing other patients with my vocal tics, and what would happen if I lost my speech. Amazingly, all these problems were solved and fears allayed by making one simple call to the ward before I came in.

When I explained my concerns they said they’d try and get me a room to myself and told me one of my usual support workers could come and stay with me.

This is how Leftwing Idiot and I find ourselves tonight settling into a quiet and spacious hospital room with its own bathroom. The nursing staff have been amazing – they’ve taken the time to understand my needs, to set up a bed for Leftwing Idiot and to provide padding around mine so I don’t injure myself in the night. I got a welcome pack containing a pair of my favourite grippy socks, some earplugs and even a night mask.

I had a ‘ticcing fit’ in front of one of the nurses earlier. She stayed calm and let Leftwing Idiot deal with it as normal, so I know they’re not going to worry when this happens and that’s helped put my mind at rest.

At the moment I feel relaxed about tomorrow though I’m keen to get the operation and my troublesome tonsils out of the way. I’ll keep you updated on how I get on, but if I feel ropey tomorrow I might ask Leftwing Idiot to take over and write the post for me.

With all the savage cuts to the NHS I feel very lucky to be here, settled in a comfy bed knowing I’m in safe hands. All I have to worry about now is banging my head with the book I’m reading.

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  1. Catwings says:

    Good luck! Hope the book’s a paper back!

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