Leftwing Idiot Gets Jabbed

Although I get regular support from a lot of different people, I think of Leftwing Idiot as my primary carer. As such he regularly gets jabbed with all sorts of things because of my motor tics. This blog’s littered with examples of him being hit with stuff: legs, hands, onions and lots of other things. But the jab he got today wasn’t from me – it was from a nurse giving him the flu jab.

When I’m ill my ‘ticcing fits’ increase dramatically so my GP said I should get myself vaccinated against seasonal flu, so I did, a couple of days ago. My doctor also suggested that Leftwing Idiot should ask his GP about being vaccinated because, as my primary carer, if he were to get flu it would have a big impact on my care as well as increasing my risk of catching it, too.

Leftwing Idiot’s registered with a completely different surgery from mine. He’d never discussed his role as my carer with his doctor before and didn’t know how they’d respond when he asked to be vaccinated.

He needn’t have worried – the process proved to be very straightforward. He called up, explained the situation, and was swiftly given an appointment to have the jab today. He said it was quick and easy, although his arm’s a bit achy as a result.

But it might not be the flu jab that’s making it hurt. My tics have punched him in the arm a couple of times this evening already. He’s being a very brave boy.

Festive Outburst:

“I don’t have a GCSE in Christmas.”

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