Sick Day

Today’s post will be short for two reasons. First, I’m not very well again, and second, because I’m not very well, not much’s happened to write about.

Since this July I’ve had tonsillitis a total of seven times. There’s a painful pattern to this cycle that’s very predictable and wearing. My throat starts to hurt, it quickly becomes inflamed and blistered, my ‘ticcing fits’ increase dramatically, I feel lousy, shivery and exhausted, I can’t go to work and my carers have to work even harder to keep me safe.

Then my GP prescribes antibiotics, things slowly start to improve, and I get better for 12-15 days. And then the whole thing starts again!

For anyone fortunate enough to have avoided tonsillitis, Charlie Brooker’s account is particularly accurate and vivid.

I’m hoping this disruptive cycle will soon come to an end. I’ve got a hospital appointment at the end of the month to discuss having my tonsils out and it can’t come soon enough for me.

For now, all I can do is rest and appreciate my amazing friends who’re taking good care of me.

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