Fantasy Walking

On my way home from the pub with Bunny last night I started telling her about a street we were passing. I described having walked down it in great detail, including the time of year, the weather, the smells and sounds – even the number of cats I’d seen en route!

I suddenly realised I was indulging in a bit of ‘fantasy walking’ – re-living a fairly ordinary walk for my own enjoyment.

I love going for walks but my mobility difficulties mean I can’t do this in the way I used to. Whenever I’ve reminisced about walking before it’s made me sad, but last night my ridiculously detailed description made me smile.

I don’t indulge in walking fantasies often, not since I’ve started using my wheelchair in any case. Having the chair means I can get out and explore places in a similar to way to when my mobility was better. In fact I’m building up loads of great memories of excellent outings using my chair, like when I went careering down a hill at West Kennet Long Barrow or found myself sweeping through the crowds at Notting Hill Carnival.

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