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Last week I talked about my new “Rummage” tic. Catwings, who also has Tourettes, left a comment on the post saying:

‘A verb! This seems unusual to me as a frequent tic-word, most of my main ones are nouns like ‘fascists’ and ‘Marmite’…’

I’d never thought about the types of word that became tics before and I started to wrack my brain for other tics of mine that were nouns.

After searching through the 4,000 plus tics on the website and consulting with my friends, I could only think of three others of my own which were verbs: “Dogging” “Fishing” and “Boofing.”

Like with Catwings, the majority of my tics are nouns and describe a people, places, things, or abstract ideas such as: “Michael Aspel,” “Hastings,” “Biscuits,” or “Nike feather bed Satsuma kiss.”

I enjoyed looking at my tics from a different perspective and found it interesting classifying them by their grammatical construction rather than by theme or level of rudeness.

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