Sunday at Shambala

I did my first ever festival gig this morning with Captain Hotknives in the Shambala Radio tent. It’d been quickly arranged following our impromptu performance in the camping field yesterday. I enjoyed letting my tics take to the stage, and amongst the many odd ideas they came up with, three key themes emerged:

1) We were a campaigning political party – ‘The Bipolar Tourettes Alliance’ – and our manifesto included giving “Every fourth person a chandelier,” and “Everyone with lungs a biscuit.”

2) We were a celebrity chef duo hosting a show called “Cookery and Fuckery.” The basic premise was my tics suggested animals to have sex with and then we discussed how they’d be cooked and eaten.

3) We were delivering a Sunday morning disability awareness training course – which in some ways we were.

I enjoyed the gig a great deal and all the feedback was brilliant. A lot of it was incredibly rude, especially considering there were plenty of children in the audience. But this didn’t seem to have been a problem and three families came up to us afterwards to introduce their children and say how much they’d enjoyed it.

Following the gig I headed off to catch Keir’s brilliant dance workshop. Him and some friends were leading about fifty people through a classic 1990s-inspired routine. While this was going on I had a ‘ticcing fit.’ It was one of the more unusual places I’ve had a fit in and I found it funny watching everyone’s legs jiggling about as my body wiggled about on the floor.

Fat Sister’s working tomorrow so we had to leave Shambala in the afternoon. Before we headed off, Leftwing Idiot took me on the giant old helter-skelter in the middle of the field which I’d wanted to go on it since we’d arrived. No-one else was up for taking me up the long winding metal staircase to the top, but Leftwing Idiot pointed out we’d climbed Glastonbury Tor, and with his help I made it up – and down – in one piece and it was brilliant.

Six years ago Leftwing Idiot and I took a young woman with cerebral palsy down a massive slide at a Safari Park. It’d felt a little risky but she’d been keen to give it a go and we found a way to do it safely. It’s one of my favourite memories of working with young people and I was reminded of it as we whizzed down the wooden helter-skelter.

We said our goodbyes to an amazing festival, amazing friends and to the most consistently clean accessible toilets I’ve ever encountered at a public event. I headed home exhausted and happy.

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  1. Catwings says:

    i hope there’s a video of your gig, that sounds really interesting!

  2. Mandyque says:

    I made a point of coming to see you for both performances, and managed to catch Captain Hotknives for half of his solo performance, thanks to a pain medication issue which had me floating around in a fuzzy haze for a little while! They were some of the highlights of my weekend (meds included!). It was even more fun being familiar with some of your songs, Bob the Amazing Sheepdog, and the classic, SHEEPDOG! and I sang along with gusto, even when your tics took us on a different path 😀 The standing ovations you received were well earned and I suspect you have captured the hearts of many more festival folks this past weekend x

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