Bob the Amazing Sheepdog

I drifted awake to find our tent warm from the early morning sun. After I’d got myself together Fat Sister and I went in search of some breakfast. When we’d eaten we headed to where Leftwing Idiot and Poppy are camped. They’re nearby in the artists’ field along with loads of other friends.

We arrived just in time for a round of tea. People were sprawled in and around Nez and Jade’s van, sharing some morning chat and reflecting on the night before.

Leftwing Idiot excitedly took me to a nearby tent to introduce me to Captain Hotknives and Mimi. The Captain plays guitar and performs amazing, funny, and unusual narrative songs. Mimi, among many other things, plays the clarinet. When we arrived to say hello they were tuning up.

As Captain Hotknives strummed his guitar, my tics immediately started to accompany him, and Mimi joined in on the clarinet. The Captain started singing some of his own songs, many of which had themes my tics adored, like sheepdogs, Ryanair, and Jesus. I quickly found myself taking the songs off on strange tangents and he responded brilliantly, developing my tics in a natural and funny way.

After a while a small audience had gathered round to listen. I really enjoyed hanging out in the sun and letting the energy of my tics combine with the creativity and spontaneity of Captain Hotknives in such a welcoming environment. It felt like a natural combination.

Within a few hours, a gig at one of the festival venues had been arranged for us – so tomorrow lunchtime I’ll join Captain Hotknives on stage and we’ll sing again, but this time for a bigger audience.

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