Sticky Back Biscuits

Tonight’s been a strange mix of frantic packing and sticky-backed creativity.

The reason for both is Shambala where I’m heading tomorrow. It’s likely to rain, so there’ll be lots of mud, and I’ve tried to pack sensibly with this in mind. On a slightly less sensible note I made a T-shirt with the help of my support worker Nic.

I’ve been pestering Poppy to make me a ‘Biscuity’ top for a while, but tonight I took action and made one myself. I used sticky back felt to emblazon a t-shirt with a selection of popular treats. The centrepiece is a jammy dodger around which I’ve written one of my favourite tics, “Live young, die biscuity.”

I plan to wear it at some point over the weekend, even if it will be accessorised with a waterproof and loads of mud.

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One response to Sticky Back Biscuits

  1. Catwings says:

    love it! one for the merch page?

    hope shambala was good.

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