Click Clunk

I had a ‘ticcing fit’ at work when everything was being shut up at the end of the day. My colleagues came to help me get inside to somewhere safe. The main way into the nearest building was up a couple of small steps. Just as Kyle was undoing my wheelchair seatbelt so he could get me up the steps, another colleague called to say she’d opened the other door with the ramp.

When Kyle undid my seatbelt my body had arched out and gone rigid. He looked at me and asked, ‘What are the chances of me folding you back into the chair?’ I wasn’t able to speak but knew he wasn’t really expecting an answer.

It only took him a moment to realise he was never going to get me back into the chair, so with another colleague he lifted me into a standing position. They then bounced me up the stairs, pivoted me at the top and got me safely onto a beanbag.

The method they used was similar to how you might move a very heavy plank of wood. It may not have been elegant but it was effective.

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