Fifty Shades of Fit

I was off work again today because I’m still not well. Whenever I’m ill I have more ‘ticcing fits’ than usual and today was no exception. Poppy kindly stayed with me all day to make sure I was safe.

Fairly early on in the morning I had a fit that coincided with Poppy discovering a blog called Red Lemonade and in particular some brilliant posts reviewing the inexplicably popular ‘erotic’ novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’ For the record neither Poppy nor I have read it and I’m certainly not planning to any time soon.

It’s safe to say blogger ‘Kitty Catastrophe’ isn’t a fan of the book – she’s written a series of immensely detailed and very funny posts about why she hates it and its characters.

This morning’s discovery made the next few fits much more interesting than usual. We did a new instalment with each fit. Poppy held me with one hand and her laptop with the other. She read while I jiggled about and listened. She’d pause only if the fit intensified and required both her hands.

Having now heard all of them, I fully recommend checking out Kitty’s posts. They cheered me up at a time I could well have felt miserable. I’m hopeful there’ll be more to come so Poppy and I can look forward to more fits enhanced by witty literary criticism.

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