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This morning when I woke up I felt a bit better than yesterday. Although I’d had a bad night’s sleep and still didn’t feel well, because I had some meetings arranged at work I decided I should go in.

Leftwing Idiot usually travels to work with me and he came round at his normal time after I’d assured him I was well enough on the phone. He came in, looked at me, and told me I was making a poor decision and that I was clearly still not well.

I’m not great at accepting it when I’m ill. My determination to carry on has often made things much trickier for other people as well as dangerous for me. Remembering this, I accepted what he said and changed my plans.

Going to work would have been a massive error – not only would I have risked making other people ill but the huge number of ‘ticcing fits’ I had today would’ve been unmanageable. So instead of going to work I went to the doctor. She said I’d got tonsillitis and gave me some antibiotics to deal with it.

During one of the twenty fits I’ve had today I fell off my bed. Poppy, who was with me, caught me just as my head hit the floor. She broke the worst of the impact but I still managed to give myself a pretty dramatic looking carpet burn around my eye. This is my second head injury in as many days. I fell in the bathroom yesterday and clouted my head on the tiles.

I’ve learnt two important lessons today:

1) I need to accept when I’m ill and respond sensibly
2) When I’m ill I need to be even more careful than usual and, for example, I shouldn’t go to the bathroom without a helmet on, or try to sit up during a fit.

Hopefully with these lessons learnt, I’ll recover quickly and without any further injuries. Wish me luck.

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