A PAT on your back

I had another long, distressing ticcing fit at work this afternoon. It was more severe than any I’ve had in a while. It happened while I was working at my desk and I suddenly found myself stuck on the floor underneath it. Leftwing Idiot couldn’t move me safely so he made sure I was comfortable where I was. This was difficult because my whole body had entirely locked up.

Because the fit was severe and showed no signs of easing, Leftwing Idiot needed to give me my emergency medication. This always helps but it makes me very sleepy and giggly in the process.

So it was no surprise that shortly after I’d taken it I started laughing hysterically and offering my heartfelt congratulations to a nearby plug on passing its PAT test.

For anyone who doesn’t work in an office, PAT stands for Portable Appliance Test – it’s an annual health and safety inspection carried out on all electrical items in a workplace. The plug I was praising had a big green sticker on it, announcing its successful pass.

I joyfully suggested we got it a card.

I’m always fascinated by what my tics will focus on when my emergency medication kicks in – and it’s always a massive relief to go from being in a lot of discomfort and distress to uncontrollable laughter.

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